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We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you as a vendor and how we can work together and better serve clients together, so please fill out the form below So we can add you within our contacts system and make working together easier in the future.

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Vendor Expectations

We are so excited to be working with you! Cedar Springs has a few vendor expectations outlined below which will help ensure a great event. Please feel free to reach out to me directly ( with any questions about the below policies.

  • All vendors must have current commercial general liability insurance to operate at Cedar Springs. Proof of which must be submitted 15 days prior to any event worked
  • We cannot supply  Ladders and do not permit the standing on furniture, benches, etc.
  • All vendors must follow the directions and requirements given to you by staff and parking attendants
  • All vendors must return Cedar Springs to the condition it was in prior to the rental start.
  • All vendors should act professional, courteous, kind, and safely at all times at Cedar Springs
  • No Vendor is permitted to consume alcohol or drugs while onsite at Cedar Springs.
  • Vendors may only load/unload in the main venue area. After load/unload you must immediately move vehicle to main parking area. Only 3 vehicles are allowed across the car bridge at a time. Please check prior to crossing as turn around space is limited
  • We expect all vendors to follow the rules and guidelines agreed upon in the clients contract and require vendors to treat all employees, guests, and clients of Cedar Springs with dignity and Respect. 
  • Bartenders must submit a Current MAST Permit and Insurance. They must follow all bar rules outlined in the contract. If Unfamiliar with these rules please request a copy.
  • Open Flame is allowed only within a container which can catch all wax (No lit Candelabras)
  • No Delivery drop off or pick up may occur prior to 9am or After 11:55pm on the day of the event. We do not provide Overnight Storage.
  • All food must come table ready. No Electrical Cooking Facilities on site and any cooking devices beyond a single commercial BBQ Must get prior Approval.
  • DJs Must follow noise restriction guidelines. If not familiar please request a copy
  • Please do not move anything such as hanging baskets, furniture, lighting, etc without asking first
  • Please Treat all the garden areas with respect and if you must enter one of those areas please tread lightly as plants are very delicate
  • If you would like to visit the site prior to the event please do so by making an appointment here Visits are appointment only

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