Teacher-led Field Trips

School Year Curriculum 

The Explore & Imagine teacher-led curriculum sponsored by AEP Foundation on behalf of the Public Service Company of Oklahoma is available for Pre-K to 12th-grade students and homeschool groups from August to May during the school year. All teacher-led curriculum aligns with the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Once your field trip is confirmed and booked, you will receive the curriculum via email through our booking software. Our teacher-led curriculum includes:   

Environmental Conservation Curriculum Series (NEW!!)

Pre-K to Kinder: Noticing the Natural World

1st to 2nd Grade: Biodiversity and Local Habitat  

3rd to 5th Grade: Explore Dry and Aquatic Habitats

6th to 8th Grade: Careers in the STEAM Field

9th to 12th Grade: Environmental Stewardship and Change-making


Existing Curriculum

Pre-K to 2nd Grade: Discovery Walk - Shapes, Colors, Letters, and Numbers

3rd to 5th Grade: Nature Close Up - Exploring, Discovering, and Observational Sketches

6th to 8th Grade: Responding to Our Environment - Journaling, Recording, and Drawing

9th to 12th Grade: Park Architecture - Experiencing the Built Landscape


If you have booked a field trip but have not received a confirmation email within 72 hours, please email fieldtrips@gatheringplace.org before filling out a second application.

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